Friday, 2 August 2013


                                                     Monetization of blog is an important part of a commercial blog. Monetization should be at the best to get more income. The monetization techniques are several. But we should choose it according to the nature of our blog. There are many steps to monetize blog/website. Some of them are given below.

1)              CPM ADS
                           This ad network works better with blogs having higher traffic. CPM means Cost Per Thousand impressions. Most of the CPM ad network providers pay  1$/1000 visitors. Some even pays 2-3$/1000 visitors. So this can be used to monetize blogs with huge traffic.

2)               PPC ADS
                                         PPC - Paid Per Click ads network is much good for monetizing. The ads can be placed in our website and we get revenue whenever a visitor clicks on this ads and opens the link. This method is also a pretty good one.

3)             Affiliate Programs
                          This is another method which is used by the publishers to monetize their blogs. There is lots of Affiliate Programs available in the web today. Most of them give a share of 20-35% revenue created by the publisher. It can generate a huge income for good traffic websites.

4)              Pop-up Ads
                         The Pop-up ad is a kind of ad that displays ad in new window just before the website loads. This type of ad can disturb some readers. Some of the pop-up ad providers pays about 2-6$/1000 impressions.

5)              Pop-under Ads
                         The pop-under ads is very similar to that of pop-up ads. The only difference is the pop-under ads displays in background while loading the website in a new window or tab. This ads less unlikely to readers compared to the pop-up ads.

6)              In-Text Ads
                         We see some links while we read certain articles that is In-text links. This links drive visitors to the advertiser’s website. This ad type is not selectable as a higher income source.

7)              Text-Links
                         Placing text-links that drive visitors to the advertiser’s website. This ad can generate only low income.

8)              E-book Sales
                         Making E-books and selling is another kind of monetizing. This requires more knowledge and good grammar. We can sell the E-books according to the valuable contents present in it with a range of 10-300$/E-book.

9)              Donations
                          You have seen a tab named DONATE? that’s it. Ask readers to help with a few dollars if the content was informative and helpful for them. It’s totally free and easy to do. But it’s true that we have seen this buttons before and we have never donated.

10)      Direct Ads
                         Placing ads to inform readers that there is a space in my website. The contract is between with you and the advertiser, no mediator in-between.

11)      Membership programs
                         A membership program includes subscriptions with a small amount of money. We should provide relevant services in order to get attracted by the visitors.

12)      Audio Ads
                                            The audio ads are made to run sometimes along with the website loading or while clicking on certain words in it. This may find boring to visitors. Can get about 20-50$/1000 views.

13)      Video Ads
                                            Ads placed before playing the video. This can bring a few but can’t consider for huge.

14)      Image Ads
                                            Image Ads are the ads with images that take the visitor to advertiser’s site on clicking the Ads.

15)      Job-Boards
                                        Job-Boards are placed for the visitors to find opportunities for them. The job ad providers pay for this.

16)      Online Tuition
                         If you have good knowledge in any topic you can fix your time and rate for online tuitions and get much more.

17)      Paid Post
                         There are certain websites that pays for posting articles on our websites on the basis of topic they provide.

18)      Money widgets
                         Placing money widgets that places various ads by the advertiser is an good option to generate huge income.

19)      Continuity Programs
                         Conduct Programs that having continuity for certain amount of money by providing good interesting/informative services to the readers. This is also a good option.

20)      Sponsored Reviews
                         Writing Sponsored reviews about advertiser’s products, services..... on our websites. Most of them pays about 5-20$/reviews.

21)      Referral Programs
                         Participating in referral programs is another interesting way to monetize. We get a revenue as many as referrals made by us.

22)      Surveys
                         For completing surveys for survey companies. We can place different surveys in our blog/websites to be completed by the visitors according to their own wish.

23)      Polls
                                Conducting polls is also as similar to that of conducting surveys. This depends on the mind of visitors.

24)      Discussions
                         Conducting based topic provided and collecting useful information, ideas, opinions, suggestions..... From the visitors

25)       Events

                                                                        Conducting Sponsored Events. For this the site should be having huge traffic. This can bring a major share of income